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VIA Connect PRO

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solution

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  • HDMI - High Definition Multi-Media Interface DisplayPort Mini - Connector S/PDIF - RCA - Ethernet - RJ-45 - USB - Type A -
    VIA Connect PRO-Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solution

    Quick Facts

    • Login using conventional Wi−Fi or LAN connections
    • Supports Windows laptops and MAC, as well as iOS, Windows and Android mobile operating systems
    • Easy to use, simple and intuitive user interface
    • High quality video streaming, supports full HD 1080p/60
    • Up to four participant screens can be displayed simultaneously on main screen
    • Powerful security features: user authentication, 1024−bit encryption, dynamic room code
    • Audio - D

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    VIA Connect PRO is a wireless collaboration and presentation solution that makes sharing and presenting in meetings easier. With any laptop or mobile device, users can view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously. The solution can show up to four screens on the main display. From any laptop or mobile device, students, teachers or any in−room meeting participant can view the main display, edit documents together in real time, share any size file, turn the main display into a digital whiteboard, and more. The solution features iOS mirroring for MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Windows phone and Android mirroring (Lollipop OS 5.0 or newer).
    VIA Connect PRO is ideal for huddle rooms, offering the best price−performance in the market.
    Model Description

    VIA Connect PRO Wireless Presentation and Collaboration Solution
    VIA CONNECTPRO BUNDLE VIA Connect PRO Unit Bundled with 2 VIA Pad Units
    CONNECT-SW-WRNTY-1Y 1 Year SW Warranty Extension for VIA Connect PRO
    CONNECT-SW-WRNTY-2Y 2 Year SW Warranty Extension for VIA Connect PRO

  • Boardrooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Presentation rooms
  • Collaboration areas
  • Class rooms